Service cost:

Encore services fee is just £4.75 per costume.

Costumes will be stored and uploaded to our website for a period of 3-6 months.

We will re-assess every 3-6 months what you would like to do with any costumes still left to sell.

The cost of encore services will not be an upfront fee, instead the costs will be deducted after the product has been sold.


Delivery fees is £2.50.


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What do i need to do?
Submit an inquiry above so we can advise best how to help you.
What is the process?

We will take and store your costumes to be put on our website for sale.

How do i get my costumes to you?

You can arrange to delivery your costumes to us, or we can collect if local or you can send them to us via post/courier.

How much will my costumes be sold for?

We will record costumes received and recommend a price to you before putting them on Encore, so they can be adjusted to your expectations prior to going live on the site.

What happens when my costume sells?

Once the costume is sold, Encore will take receipt of payment, ship the costume and then contact you to let you know how much you will be receiving. This will then be sent via online transfer to you.

How much are Encore's fees?
 Fee £4.75 per costume

This will be taken from the price the costume is sold for.


What happens if i am not local?

Encore can arrange to delivery the costume you purchased via a courier for a fee of £2.50

Tracking number will be sent to you once despatched.

What happens if my costume does not sell?

Encore will review your items every 3 months, from the date of receiving.

We will contact you with a list of what we still have, and ask if

A - you would like them leaving on the site for another 3 months at the same price

B - Reduce the price

C - Return items back to you.

D - Or after  6 months we can look to purches the product from you.

Please contact for details.